Millefiori Mystery Quilt - Week 11

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Final Result
Block G – make 28 of this block

• From the multi Circle fabric, cut 7 strips, 8½” x the width of the fabric.
• From the yellow Patch fabric, cut 7 strips, 4½” x the width of the fabric.

Sew a yellow strip to each of the circle strips along the length to make 6 sets of two, see Diagram 1.

Crosscut each strip set to make pieces 8½” x 12½”, see Diagram 2. Cut 28 pieces in total.

Alternating the pieces as shown in Diagram 3, sew together 7 pieces of Block G to make a strip. Make 4 of these strips for Border 3. Set aside.

Nearly there now, only one more component to go. Have you guessed where we’re headed?

I bet you haven’t.