Millefiori Mystery Quilt - Week 9

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Final Result
Block A – make 1 of this block

From the assorted Millefiori fabrics, cut 8 circles for appliqué using Template A.

Take the 16½” square you appliquéd in Week 6.

Fold the square in half lengthways to make a crease, and press a crease into two circles as described in Week1.

Measure 1” out from the edge of the appliquéd circle, and use the creases to centre a circle above and below
the large black and white circle, see Diagram 1. Glue the circles in place.

When the small circles are dry, fold the square in half in the other direction and repeat, see Diagram 2.

Fold the square in half on one diagonal. Again measuring 1” out from the circle, use the crease to centre a circle along the diagonal line, between the circles you have already glued.

Repeat on both corners of the square and then repeat in the other direction, see Diagram 3.

Once all the circles are stitched in place, press and set aside.

Happy stitching :)